We are Licensed by the Agency for Healthcare Administration of Florida! License #233806

Rotonda Quality Care

Rotonda Quality Care is just that; extra care is taken to make sure that every service provided is a quality one. What separates us from the competition is that human touch. Our priority is our community and the people that live in it; everything else comes in at second place. 


 Established in August of 2014, RQC is family owned and operated, state licensed and insured. Support your local businesses! The owner, Eddie Georgiev started working as a caregiver in 1999, she has dedicated her life to care and has been a part of many family age-related transitions. Her personal support system is comprised of two furbabies, a daughter, and an ever supporting handyman husband. She's often referred to as a second daughter by her clients, and you can usually see her popping in to check on them every week. 


Owner sentiments

"We treat all of our clients like family, we don't cut corners, and we take pride in the work that we do. Our staff are local, hard-working, and experienced. What better way to contribute than to employ and service the people of Charlotte and Sarasota County? "